Research & Development

Kohler Coating, Inc. is an industry leader in developing cutting edge technology that produces lighter, stronger board. We service and create machinery for the paper, converting and corrugating industries.

Pilot Corrugator

Our Canton, Ohio location features the world’s only full scale narrow width pilot corrugator which is available to test different papers, coatings, starch, PVA as well as other factors. We also develop specialized testing based on individual customer needs, accurately following customers’ production environments and processes.

To discuss your own private testing on this exclusive pilot line, please fill out our contact form or contact to discuss availability and pricing.

Advanced Technology-Driven Products

Kohler Coating focuses on creating advanced, technology-driven products that have a positive impact on the processes and production methods of our customers.

We take great pride in our customer's social responsibility by developing equipment that play a major role in reducing Green House Gas Emissions and increasing overall sustainability within the corrugating and converting industries.

Kohler Field Expert Articles
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